July 31, 2013

Stephen King's Novel


Carrie was the book that catapulted an unknown writer named Stephen King into fame. A teacher who wrote short stories for magazines out of love (and a need for cash), King began writing what eventually became Carrie, but found himself dissatisfied with the result. He liked neither the Carrie nor Sue characters, and felt as if he were in uncharted territory on "Planet Female," a terrain he was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. As King said in his book, On Writing, "I couldn't see wasting two weeks, maybe even a month, creating a novella I didn't like and wouldn't be able to sell. So I threw it away."
Thankfully, his wife, Tabby fished the pages out of the trash and insisted that he finish the story. "You've got something here," she said. "I really think you do." Reluctantly, King finished the story for his wife... and the rest, as they say, is history.

While it wasn't an overnight sensation, King goes on to say that it was sort of forgotten about after it was first published, he initially saw a $2,500 advance... and was eventually sold to Signet Books for $400,000 (half of which, went to King).

Here's an excerpt of King's introduction to the audio book, where he gives a little more insight into the creation of the novel:

Two years after the book was first published, a film was made based on his novel. And the rest, as they say, is history... Although his name was misspelled "Steven" in many of the materials for the film, he became so well-known for CARRIE that he eventually became known as "the master of horror." Not bad for a novel that he originally intended to throw away!

Click here for a clip from a 2007 interview where King discusses writing the novel and it's origins.

The novel's been reprinted countless times over the years. Here's some different variations of the cover from around the world, many of which feature Sissy Spacek, since she's been synonymously linked with the character:


nastyr said...

thanks for the site - great job! i especially loved seeing the cover of my first and most-read version of carrie here...

ImyWeb said...

thx... for site

cliftwriter said...

Great site - I found it while looking up info for my writing site:


The first book I discuss is . . . Carrie!

Nan said...

Seeing all the different covers is really interesting, but also a little baffling. (That one on the very top of the page, is she a biker? ;p)

Keep it up, you're running a really cool website. :)

Vinnie Rattolle said...

The one at the very top of the page is the cover from the original pressing of the novel. Doesn't look anything like the description of the character, but it was the '70s, an unknown author and they were looking to sell books by boasting a hot chick on the cover, I suppose. Never occurred to me before, but it does look like she's wearing a leather jacket. After the film, Spacek's mug started adorning the cover and that original picture was abandoned -- though I think it may have found its way back to the cover briefly for a few pressings in the '80s (the Stephen King Book Club version, if I'm not mistaken). I think the 1940s comic-strip looking cover is far weirder.

S1M0NE said...

Hi! Nice web. Here is two Carrie covers - Czech and Slovak: http://www.stephenking.kbx.cz/kniha_obaly.php?id=1&sort_knihy=1&kategorie_knihy=

Anonymous said...

The cover on the very top of the page is actually supposed to be a picture of Chris wating to dump the blood on Carrie, in the book that is exactly how Chris is described.

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