June 20, 2007

SCARRIE the Musical - Soundtrack

Recorded in early July of 2005, the original cast recording of SCARRIE THE MUSICAL is available for purchase from Hell in Handbag's website. The album includes all of the songs from the second staging of the show, along with a few clips of dialog. Since it's in print, I'm not offering downloads, like you'll find for some other albums here on the site, though there's several previews on Handbag's page and you can listen to a few tracks below. If you're a fan of the original film (or even the ill-fated Broadway musical), this loving, rockin' homage is well worth the $15 investment!

Here's a few highlights from the album:

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Anonymous said...

This recording is now available on iTunes. It is also running in Chicago again right now. I am seeing it on October 19, 2012!