January 22, 2008

The Rage: Carrie 2 - Music

Like most films aimed at teens from the late '90s, THE RAGE featured a wide array of music in addition to the score by Danny B. Harvey. A soundtrack was released (now out of print) which was a "from and inspired by" album featuring a bunch of songs that weren't in the film (and omitting many that were).  Harvey's score was never issued on disc but, for a time it was available for download from his official website.  In other words, fans got screwed on the soundtracks.

So here is the virtually complete soundtrack and score for the film, with special thanks to Pop Tate for tracking down some hard-to-find tunes!  All that's missing is the song "Treat Your Mama Right" by Dan Shea, which doesn't seem to have been released at all.

01. Main Title - Danny B. Harvey
02. Mad Love - LCD
03. God Bless the Child - Billie Holliday
04. Back-Stabbing Liar - Mono Puff
05. Take Over - Tranmutator
06. Far Behind - The Hippos
07. 13 Cats - 13 Cats
08. Looking Down the Barrel - Five X Down
09. Comes Love - Billie Holliday
10. Sleep - Trailer Park Pam
11. Crazy Little Voices - Sahaj Ticotin
12. Teddy Boy Kung Fu Weapon - 13 Cats
13. My Wonderful Friend - Transmutator
14. What's Fair (Frustration Mix) - Razed in Black

(by Danny B. Harvey)
15. Lisa's Dead
16. Rachel Looks at Pictures
17. Walter's Tune
18. Moving Cup
19. Scare Tactic
20. Terrorize
21. The Old School
22. Rachel's First Time
23. Grounded
24. Sneaky Sue
25. Rachel Goes Crazy
26. Mark Drowns
27. The Devil is IN You
28. Tracey Gets It
29. Rachel Believes in Jesse
30. Jesse Catches Fire
31. Jesse's Dream
32. Jesse Wakes Up

33. Far Behind - The Hippos
34. 13 Cats - 13 Cats
35. Teddy Boy Kung Fu Weapon - 13 Cats
36. God Bless the Child - Billie Holliday
37. God Bless the Child  - Billie Holliday



Anonymous said...

Thank you. This is such a wonderful blog. I've been looking for the soundtrack score of The Rage: Carrie 2 for years.

┼čalgamkafa said...

please re-blog the score pleaseeeee

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have the mp3 of the music where Rachel falls on the floor and gets laughed by everyone at Mark's party? It's when everybody sees the tape of her and Jesse having sex?

Vinnie said...

Anonymous, if it ain't in the download above, I don't have it.

Anonymous said...

Vinnie, do you happen to know what it is and where i can find it?