May 30, 2008

Carrie the Musical: Memorabilia/Print

This is not a sale/trade list, this is merely meant to document memorabilia that's circulating amongst fanatical 'bleeders' who collect materials associated with the musical version of Carrie. However, you might find some goodies for download if you keep your eyes peeled...

Click here for information about recordings. If you know of something that's not listed, please let me know!




R.S.C. Poster

Poster for the initial production, featuring Barbara Cook in the cast list.


R.S.C. Souvenir Programme

Oversized program for the Royal Shakespeare's initial production of the play. Includes lots of behind-the-scenes, black and white photos of the cast at rehearsals, though the photos are oddly cropped and there's no photos of the cast in character. 36 pages (including cover), 15 pages about the play, 21 pages of advertisements.

For purists, the R.S.C. logo is actually placed further up on the program cover; I had to do heavy photo correction to the pic after I scanned it.


R.S.C. Flyer


The flyer from the R.S.C. production of the play.


Broadway Flyer


An early flyer for the Broadway run of the show. It's not unusual for these sorts of flyers to show up in lobbies months in advance of a production, which explains why Barbara Cook appears on it. Cook quit during the U.K. run and was replaced on Broadway by Betty Buckley. It's most probable that another variation of this flyer exists with Buckley on it.


Broadway Posters


There are several variations of the poster from the Broadway version. The one above features the cast list, just like the U.K. poster, but it features Buckley's name and The Virginia Theatre. I believe that photo came from an eBay auction, and it was an oversized Subway poster (though I could be wrong). Another version is identical to the front of the Broadway flyer (further above), with the words "There's Never Been a Musical Like Her."



The Virginia Theatre

Playbills are a piece of theatre memorabilia that frequently survive and are highly collectible. They're given away at most professionally staged performances, and include scene and cast lists, bios, plot, and frequently, a page or two about the specific production, as well as ads and other stories about the theatre world.

The playbill includes one photo of Linzi Hateley and Betty Buckley. Two different versions exist: the one from the initial previews has a black-and-white logo, the one from the handful of official performances has the normal red logo.


Broadway Souvenir Program

Unlike the RSC program, this one features a bevy of full color pictures of the cast in character, performing numerous scenes from the show.


Stephen King: Carrie


There have been countless editions of King's novel over the years. Sissy Spacek's mug graces the cover of many, there are artists renderings of Carrie on most -- and one was marketed as a tie-in with the musical.


Theater Week Magazine

Theater Week devoted an entire issue to Carrie, which included profiles on Hateley, Love and Allen. If someone could provide a scan of the cover, or at least a specific date/issue number, it would be appreciated.


Not Since Carrie: 40 Years of Broadway Flops

By Ken Mandelbaum
1992, 372 pages

Using "Carrie" as the mold for Broadway's all-time worst musical, Mandelbaum goes on to document the details of countless other "flop" musicals. 16 pages of the book (the first chapter and most of the last) are devoted to "Carrie," with 9 black and white photos, as well as the colour cover photo of Hateley. The book is out of print but can be purchased for reasonable prices by online retailers who sell second-hand merchandise.

My Name Is Love: The Darlene Love Story


Oft-neglected songstress Love discusses her role as Miss Gardner in her autobiography. Apparently it's more technical information (rigorous rehearsal, her own weight loss, etc.) than juicy details about the goings on behind the scenes of the play.


Untitled 'Behind the Scenes' Book
2009 (??)

In May of 2008, one of original cast members from the RSC/Broadway staging contacted me and expressed an overwhelming interest in writing a book telling the story of the legendary show. Sorry, I'm not at liberty to reveal their identity at this time. No commitments have been made as of yet, but I have a feeling it's going to happen... and probably very soon.


Workshop Script

Complete script for the play as it was originally envisioned... which barely resembles what it became.


Script - Work Draft


Text script for the Stratford version which was once owned by ensemble player Scott Wise. Quite a few copies of this have sold on eBay. This version includes the dialog and lyrics that were dropped when the show moved to Broadway as well as "Her Mother Should Have Told Her" and "White Star"... but strangely, it jumps right from the reprise of "Heaven" to the final reprise of "Carrie," skipping "The Destruction."


Score - Stratford

March 3, 1988

Score for the play as staged in Stratford Upon Avon. Huge chunks of this one are hand written.



The unused score that was written as the show transitioned from England to New York.


Score - Broadway

May 1988

Score for the show on Broadway. This version is professionally typed and appeared in a plastic binding (which is quite evident in the crooked scans that are floating around) complete with cast list and a song title index.


Act 1 Broadway Transcript

Fan-written transcription that has appeared for many years on the Unofficial Carrie [the musical] Site.

(New) Workshop - Act 1

This one is very iffy, but I have seen numerous references to a new workshop (most recent rumors say it will be workshopped in late 2008) and there are supposedly scripts floating around. This new version is said to bear more of a resemblance to the original workshop than what the Stratford/Broadway version became -- several songs have been dropped, new scenes have been written and "In" has been replaced with "Ain't It a Bitch," which was in the original workshop in 1984. In the past few years there have been countless rumors that the playwrights are working on a new version, so it's probable that's there's numerous scripts that are circulating underground. Here's the song list from the 2006 script that's alleged to exist:

Overture, Ain't It a Bitch?, Dear Lord, Unnamed Shower Scene Song, Carrie, The Light That Guides Me (Margaret), Eve Was Weak, Don't Waste the Moon, Evening Prayers, Unnamed English Class Song (Tommy), Unsuspecting Hearts, Do Me a Favor, Revenge So Sweet (Chris, Billy & Norma), I've Been Invited to the Prom, I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance.



Anonymous said...

Hello! I have some things i would like to talk about to anyone who is willing to listen to me.


Rumor has it that the second act two the broadway preformance was either never filmed, or Ken Mendelbaum is the only person that has it...Ken Mendebaum may have it, but it certainly does exist, and if it does (Which it does) He isn't the only person that has it. About a year ago, i was searching on youtube carrie the musical...well the whole "Carrie" thing was just starting out then, and some of the second act was posted...and then it was forced to be taken off. I saw "Out for blood" "Wotta night" and "The destruction" as well as the finale. I do not know why it was taken off, but it was. Most of the first act was posted too, And i saw "I remember how those boys could dance" and at first, it was shot from the balcony, and then it cut to a B-roll shot, with her hands aflame. And it, (Along with the first few clips of the first act) was also then taken off, and it has since to return. SO IT DOES EXIST, AND KEN MENDELBAUM DOES NOT HAVE THE ONLY COPY OF IT.


About last year too, I was searching myspace, and i came across Wonder Waiter's Videos of the very first stratford run. I asked him if he had any photos of any of the runs, Broadway or Stratford, and he sent me a file of a shit load of photos, that aren't even on the net...YET. This was before "The new carrie blogsite" was even re-created. So i hope i was the first person to see them, or receive them. So now he's pretty famous, and i can say iv'e had proof, that their are ALOT more photos that have not been released yet. I don't know what pictures were from the stratford run or the broadway run, except for the ones with Betty Buckley, and Barbara Cook. Iv'e seen many pictures of "The destruction" "Heaven" "Out for blood" "I'm not alone" "Carrie" "Carrie reprise # 2" "Don't waste the moon" and a few others. Oh, and about 8 headshots in action. I used have these on my computer, but it's gone now, ever since it was fixed from a virus, and i was VERY upset, because i felt that i had the holy grail of photos for Carrie The Musical fan's out there...

I hope all of this information benefits to this site, because i am one of the musical's biggest fans. I Only want more for the people out there, searching for carrie stuff like i do. So hopefully, somebody can contact Wonder Waiter, to get those photos, for this site. I have tried asking him, but he has since to reply. But i won't stop trying.

If anyone has questions, answers, ANYTHING, or even just to talk about the musical, and it's "Stuff" that is out there, or might be, feel free to E-mail me at:

I know quite a few things about the musical, that most people don't know... so please.....


don't even get me started about that!!!

I HAVE ALSO SEEN PICTURES OF THE GAMMEL HELLERUP PRODUCTION! i was searching yahoo, and i cam across a drawn picture of i beleive was a brochure, and a couple of pictures of what i think was the destruction. So i hope somebody can tell us where to find these pictures and/or video.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know a good site to which I could find the Souvenir Program?

Vinnie said...

That's vague, anonymous. If you're talking about downloading the Broadway program, there are photos from it floating around (check the musical's Facebook group in the links), but nobody's scanned it and offered it in its entirety, like I did with the RSC programme. They surface on eBay from time to time, and generally go for $50-$75, which, despite my love for the musical, is more than I want to spend.

Unknown said...

it's been a very long time ago....but I do have the RSC souvenir program..;and it was signed by barbara Cook..on her photo in the brochure (her photo together with Linzi hateley)...waited at the stage door of carnegie Hall after her 2001 Mostly Sondheim concert and she was very pleasantly surprised to see it, took her time to talk and look into the brochure and very happily signed it:-)...what a night!