January 19, 2008

Carrie the Musical - Song Lyrics

If you'd like to look at the lyrics, click the appropriate titles below or click here for all of the lyrics. Credit where credit's due: some of the lyrics were swiped from the Unofficial Site for Carrie the Musical, but the site didn't have lyrics for all of the songs.... If you spot an error/omission, or if you've got lyrics that I don't, lemme know. These are the lyrics for the Stratford and Broadway versions; I only have one track from the original workshop, so I haven't included lyrics for that version.

Bear in mind that the script was changed on a daily basis, so some of these lyrics may be slightly inaccurate when compared to the recordings -- particularly comparing them to the RSC stagings, which underwent the heaviest rewrites. I've added a separate listing for "Crackerjack," which later became "Out for Blood."

01. In
02. Dear Lord
03. Dream On/Somebody Should Have Told Her
04. Carrie
05. Open Your Heart
06. And Eve Was Weak
07. Don't Waste the Moon
08. Evening Prayers
09. Unsuspecting Hearts
10. Do Me a Favor
11. I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance
12. Crackerjack / Out for Blood
13. Dream On (Reprise)
14. White Star / It Hurts To Be Strong
15. I'm Not Alone
16. Carrie (Reprise #1)
17. When There's No One
18. Wotta Night
19. Heaven
20. Heaven (reprise)
21. Alma Mater
22. The Destruction
23. Carrie (Reprise #2)



Anonymous said...

If you're interested I think these are the lyrics to "wotta night."
Good song but the lyrics don't really say much.

All Right
Wotta Night
Don'tcha feel the sky turning
Oh Child, drive me wild
Don'tcha feel the stars burning
All Right, Wotta Night
Can't you hear my heart tickin'
Hola, Yo Mama
I'm alive and I'm kickin' tonight


Wotta Night!

Anonymous said...

I have the entire rehearsal piano score...yay

Anonymous said...

I have the lyrics for the Destruction.

Chris: Now Billy! NOW!
Carrie: Ohhhh! IT'S BLOOD!!!
Why'd they Laugh, When They Know I'm Crying? Mama Says "Everybody Sins"
Chris: There's the Curse! Carrie's Got the curse!
Carrie: God made Eve from Adam's rib and Eve was weak. And Eve was Weak! "His Name's Tommy Ross, He's a Very Nice Boy!" Hopes and Dreams Can Vanish With the dawn. And God Made Eve to bear the curse, the curse of Blood. "He's not like Other Boys!" The curse Of Blood.
(Billy Grabs Carrie from behind and spins her around, Throwing her to the floor)
They make fun of you, then they break your heart, then they laugh at you, watching you fall apart.
(Billy grabs Carrie again and brings her Center Stage)
Doesn't anybody ever get it right!?!?!? Doesn't anybody think that I Hear?!?!?
God has seen your sinning just beginning, pray for your salvation from damnation! Pray or he will burn you! He will burn you!
(A Plastic screen drops on the stage trapping the students. Sue Snell is on the opposite side giving the illusion that she is witnessing this entire thing from outside. Each Time Carrie extends her arm, another student dies. Finally when they're all dead. The Roof Collapses bring the school stairs down. Carrie's Mother descends that starcase."

There is also a video if you would like to view this song on stage.


Anonymous said...

I have the lyrics to evening prayers and i remember how those boys can dance, in turn taken from a geocities site that is now gone. However, the formatting for prayers won't let me post it here. can i email it to you? or i could post it at multiply?

here's i remember anyway:

Betty Buckley:
I remember how those boys could dance.
Pressing close on Friday nights,
They could sweep me away...
Oh, how those boys
Were demons of romance.
In their cars, we'd chase the lights.
I know just how boys will behave.
Linzi Hateley:
You'll like this boy, Momma.
He's not like the others.
He's so sweet and - and so polite.
He's nice, Momma, you'll like him!
You'll see, really you will.
Everyone isn't bad, Momma.
Everything's not a sin!
Betty Buckley:
Oh, how your father whispered in my ear.
First the kiss
And then the touch,
Mixing lies with the truth.
He would sigh and try
To draw me near.
Oh, he'd swear he cared so much.
That's what the boys do.
They'll make promises,
They will break your heart!
Then they'll laugh at you,
Watching you fall apart!
Don't you think that I know,
Don't you think this has happened before?
It's the smell of the blood that will drive them mad,
Chasing you like a whore!
Linzi Hateley:
Betty Buckley:
Linzi Hateley:
But I did nothing wrong!
I've been good for so long!
It's the very first time!
Betty Buckley:
I'm afraid for your soul.
Linzi Hateley:
Momma, it's not a crime!
Betty Buckley:
Now you're out of control.
Linzi Hateley:
Tommy asked me to go!
Betty Buckley:
You will turn that boy down
Linzi Hateley:
It's too late to say no!
Betty Buckley:
Or we'll move from this town.
Linzi Hateley:
Once you meet him you'll find
Betty Buckley:
You're a moth to his flame.
Linzi Hateley:
He's so gentle and kind!
Betty Buckley:
Men are all the same!
Don't you know their game?
Have you lost your mind?
Can't you see
Satan's passion has made you blind?
And this boy's like the rest,
And they're all like the serpents who crawl...
Linzi Hateley:
You don't even understand!
Betty Buckley:
You can beg all you want to,
But I recall
How your father came to me that night...
Linzi Hateley:
That doesn't mean that the same thing will happen to me!
Betty Buckley:
...with the smell of smoke and gin...
Linzi Hateley:
Give me one chance and you'll see!
Betty Buckley:
With the lust in his eyes
And he took me and touched me -
I tried to fight.
Linzi Hateley:
God, Momma, have you heard even one word that I've said?
Betty Buckley:
Satan made your father sin,
Linzi Hateley:
Sometimes I wish you were dead!
Betty Buckley:
And the sin
Never dies!
Linzi Hateley:
I said "yes," Momma, I said "yes!"
Betty Buckley:
Come and pray!
Linzi Hateley:
No more praying, Momma! No! No!
No! No!
No! No! No!
I am not afraid of you at all.
I have nothing left to lose
I have power I can use.
Nothing you can say or do
Will ever stop me again.

Anonymous said...

actually, i uploaded the lyrics, take a look and see what you can do if you want.


Anonymous said...

By the way I contributed Act One of the script to the unofficial site you reference above. It includes all dialogue (or lack there of) and lyrics to every song in the first act. Robbie's fan site is no longer active so you may take it to use if you like.

The direct link is here http://www.graiai.com/carrie2/broadway/script.pdf

Just credit Justin Potter or you can use my myspace link if you like.

Hope that helps, it is complete and thorough. Listening to all of Act One and transposing every line to paper took a long time. HA!

Vinnie Rattolle said...

Actually, Justin, I did have your script linked here for a couple months -- I swiped some of the content from the site after it vanished (though I credited it, of course). Then I got an email that said the site would be returning, so I took down all of his content (except the caricature above, which I just couldn't bring myself to part with). It's not active yet, but the new address is carriethemusical.com

Anonymous said...

Well, even if the site does return you still have my permission to use the script if you like. Your site provides quite a bit more information than I have ever seen online.

I just read it again last night and thought to myself, damn I was dedicated. I had forgotten that I even went so far as to write the stage directions!

tipotodo said...

hi guys, I have the Complete score of Carrie in PDF and the libretto! if you guys want it, just let me know

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is for julianlrent, i am very intrested in the complete score and the libretto. If you could, please send to oisinselkiewater@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have some things i would like to talk about to anyone who is willing to listen to me.


Rumor has it that the second act two the broadway preformance was either never filmed, or Ken Mendelbaum is the only person that has it...Ken Mendebaum may have it, but it certainly does exist, and if it does (Which it does) He isn't the only person that has it. About a year ago, i was searching on youtube carrie the musical...well the whole "Carrie" thing was just starting out then, and some of the second act was posted...and then it was forced to be taken off. I saw "Out for blood" "Wotta night" and "The destruction" as well as the finale. I do not know why it was taken off, but it was. Most of the first act was posted too, And i saw "I remember how those boys could dance" and at first, it was shot from the balcony, and then it cut to a B-roll shot, with her hands aflame. And it, (Along with the first few clips of the first act) was also then taken off, and it has since to return. SO IT DOES EXIST, AND KEN MENDELBAUM DOES NOT HAVE THE ONLY COPY OF IT.


About last year too, I was searching myspace, and i came across Wonder Waiter's Videos of the very first stratford run. I asked him if he had any photos of any of the runs, Broadway or Stratford, and he sent me a file of a shit load of photos, that aren't even on the net...YET. This was before "The new carrie blogsite" was even re-created. So i hope i was the first person to see them, or receive them. So now he's pretty famous, and i can say iv'e had proof, that their are ALOT more photos that have not been released yet. I don't know what pictures were from the stratford run or the broadway run, except for the ones with Betty Buckley, and Barbara Cook. Iv'e seen many pictures of "The destruction" "Heaven" "Out for blood" "I'm not alone" "Carrie" "Carrie reprise # 2" "Don't waste the moon" and a few others. Oh, and about 8 headshots in action. I used have these on my computer, but it's gone now, ever since it was fixed from a virus, and i was VERY upset, because i felt that i had the holy grail of photos for Carrie The Musical fan's out there...

I hope all of this information benefits to this site, because i am one of the musical's biggest fans. I Only want more for the people out there, searching for carrie stuff like i do. So hopefully, somebody can contact Wonder Waiter, to get those photos, for this site. I have tried asking him, but he has since to reply. But i won't stop trying.

If anyone has questions, answers, ANYTHING, or even just to talk about the musical, and it's "Stuff" that is out there, or might be, feel free to E-mail me at:


I know quite a few things about the musical, that most people don't know... so please.....


don't even get me started about that!!!

I HAVE ALSO SEEN PICTURES OF THE GAMMEL HELLERUP PRODUCTION! i was searching yahoo, and i cam across a drawn picture of i beleive was a brochure, and a couple of pictures of what i think was the destruction. So i hope somebody can tell us where to find these pictures and/or video.

ng2000 said...

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Büyü Nasıl Yapılır said...

I have the entire rehearsal piano score...yay