January 30, 2008

Carrie White: the Musical

Here's one that I know virtually nothing about, though I thought it deserved a mention. In 2002, Atlanta's Dad's Garage theatre put on a production of CARRIE WHITE: THE MUSICAL. If memory serves (I can't find the old review I read, so I could be off), someone involved in the production was irritated that they couldn't obtain the rights to do the Broadway musical, so they set out to do a spoof. "Carrot Top lookalike" George Faughnan was intentionally miscast as Carrie, and like SCARRIE, the play was an over the top, loving spoof.

Critics simultaneously trashed and applauded it, but there was one thing everyone agreed on: the slow-motion prom sequence and flying cutlery were beyond impressive for such a low-budget stage show.

If anyone out there has more information on this production, please let me know!

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A said...

I attended that show at Dad's Garage, so I WAS THERE! lol It was great, actually. Very entertaining.